Saturday, January 3, 2009

Perfect Night

Tonight was a fun night with my boys, even though Austin was a little cranky. We had originally planned on going to church, but decided at the last minute to just spend the evening as a family. The holidays were so busy and somewhat stressful that I felt the need to enjoy a little quality time together before the holidays are officially over. So we headed for Olive Garden only to discover it was a little crowded and we weren't about to put Austin and ourselves through the painful process of waiting for a table. Our next option was Red Lobster. Our food was good and the company even better.

We headed home and put Austin to bed. I spent a little time on the computer before Luke and I decided to watch a movie. I hadn't seen Maid of Honor so we ordered it on pay per view. It was hilarious and such a great storyline.

I am so thankful for Luke and Austin, especially on nights like these. Hope you all are enjoying some family time too this weekend! :)

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