Thursday, June 25, 2009

the house that aimee & luke built. kind of.

This, my friends, is what I like to call Our First House.

Because I'm a fan of stating the obvious.

While we were in Tulsa last weekend, Luke and I had the privilege of driving out to Owasso to see what's become of that little beauty pictured above. First of all, I am aware that this is not the best picture I've ever taken. I do apologize. It's just that it's hard to concentrate on the best angle when you're paranoid that someone hanging out in the neighborhood will think you're creepy for driving real slow while taking pictures.

True story. One Saturday morning there was a knock on our door. I was furiously running around the house, Tazmanian Devil style, trying to finish getting ready to go to Oklahoma City for a spontaneous Valentine's weekend getaway. I was especially excited about this trip since it would be our last one together before Austin joined our little family. Luke had just left to take Savannah to our vet for her own vacay so it was up to me to deal with whoever was at the door. I mentally prepared my "I'm-not-interested-in-the-latest-knife-set-plus-a-bonus-magazine-subscription-of-my-choice-for-ordering-today" speech. Well. Imagine my surprise when I opened the door and there stood a perfectly fit girl about my age. Clearly, she was not a Cutco representative. I could not even begin to guess why she was standing on my doorstep on a Saturday morning. I kid you not, this is what she said:

Hi. Are you the owner of this house? (I assured her I was) Well this is going to sound really weird and I'm kind of embarrassed (great start. i'm already pumped to hear what you're about to say) but I think your husband was taking pictures of me while I was jogging yesterday morning. (i'm sorry. WHAT?!)
Keep in mind that I'm pregnant. And definitely showing at this point.

I wanted to tell her to sell crazy someplace else because we're all stocked up here, but instead, I told her that there was no way he would be doing something like that. To which she said,
Well, is that his blazer parked in front of your house?
I told her yes, because along with stating the obvious, I'm also a fan of telling the truth.
That's the truck I saw yesterday morning.
I racked my brain trying to think of anything that would free Luke from her ridiculous accusations. At the same time I was fully aware that I was coming across as a pregnant wife in denial of her husband's creepy hobbies. So I said the only thing I could think of,

Ummm, well, he was pulling a trailer yesterday too. Are you sure it was his truck and not someone else's in the neighborhood?
I also may or may not have thrown some teenage kids down the street under the bus even though I knew neither of them owned a blazer.

Oh. I guess it wasn't him because the truck didn't have a trailer behind it. I am so sorry. And I'm really embarrassed.
I have to admit that I was pretty annoyed not to mention a little angry that she had knocked on my door and accused Luke of something so shady! I totally should've faked some early labor pains, but I didn't. Because I'm nice like that. And she did look pretty embarrassed.
In an effort to save face, she informed me that "she usually doesn't do stuff like this, but she saw the truck and thought it was probably a teenager taking the pictures." Yeah. I definitely got that vibe when my very pregnant, 24 year old self opened the door. And I can TOTALLY see how you would mistake me for a teenage boy's mom.

Would someone please get me the name of an excellent plastic surgeon, because apparently an overhaul is in order if Miss Physical Fitness is confused as to my real age.
And because we had nothing BETTER to do at the crack of dawn, Luke and I got up super early the next Friday in order to set up our camera on a tripod, throw on our night vision goggles, and wait for our new friend to round the corner. That sounds just like us doesn't it?
But I'm not bitter. Just a little more cautious these days when driving through neighborhoods and taking pictures. Even if these pictures are of a place that holds so many favorite memories.

For example, there was the conversation Luke and I had in the kitchen about the fact that raising kids had to be easier than potty training a new puppy.
Oh, to be young and stupid again.

I will also never forget how deeply satisfying it was to pick out all of the interior fixtures in less than an hour. We impressed the lady helping us for sure, but I knew it was just further proof of how perfect we were for each other.
And then there was the day that Luke brought home the monstrosity that is our big screen tv. Here's how that little convo went:

Me: Do you remember when I said I wanted a dog and you weren't a huge fan of that idea? But you let me get one anyway because you knew it would make me happy?
Luke: Yeeeeess....
Me: Well, this would be the equivalent of me bringing home a dinosaur instead of a dog.
Luke: So what you're saying is that we should name our new tv "Dino?"
Lucky for him, I'm a fan of movie watching sans paying an arm and a leg. And also, we found a fabulous entertainment center to house Dino.

Having friends and family over also makes the list. There's nothing like sharing God's blessings with the ones you love the most. But my most favorite memory we made in the Owasso House would be the day we brought Austin home. My parents greeted us at the door while my sisters helped unload our car. I will never forget how it felt to finally be home with my new family while enjoying the company of my "old" family.
And I use the term "old" in the nicest, most complimentary way possible.
I take great comfort in the fact that other than some cheap, landscape lighting, the house looks the same. Right down to the company truck parked in the driveway. But even if it had looked completely different, it would still be the house in which we began building our family. We would still be able to recall our favorite memories and stories that we shared there together.

The Owasso House will always have a special place in my heart because it's where I feel like our story truly began.
Well, that and the fact that it's the only place where Luke's been accused of taking shady pictures. You know, since he's the one taking pictures of the scenery on vacation. And by scenery, I mean things that are not wearing jogging shorts.

Friday, June 19, 2009

on a scale from 1 to 10, this wedding weekend is AMAZING!

Friends! Once again it's been too long since we've chatted. Or really I chat and you read.

We're officially in Tulsa for the big Wedding Weekend of '09. I cannot tell you how pumped I've been for this weekend. First of all, it meant a trip back to Tulsa. A place of fond memories and best friends. Second, it's the wedding of one of our good friends. Let me tell ya. Luke and I have waited to see who God would bring to compliment Matt. He is such a neat, Godly guy, and we just knew He had someone extra special for him! Kind of like when God gave me Luke. And speaking of, tomorrow will mark 6 years TO THE DAY that the love of my life proposed. I mean could this weekend get any better? The answer is no. No it could not. Well, actually, I take that back. Luke's grandparents are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary too. God is so good, isn't He? They are such a wonderful example of love and commitment.

And now let me tell you about the ultimate joy sucker named Satan. He's worse than a vaccum. Truly. The trip up here was not one I'd put on my list of Top 10 Best Roadtrips. We started out with a cranky son followed by a little visit with the Kyle Highway Patrol and rounded it all off with a couple of lanes closed on I-35. Pure joy I tell you. Pure joy.

Do do you know what that tells me? It tells me that this weekend is going to be a blast. Why else would Satan want to suck the joy out of a celebration of a new marriage and the accomplishment of 50 years in a world where divorces are more common than Starbucks?

All of these celebrations got me thinking about marriage in general. And more specifically what God has taught me about marriage since May 22, 2004. It is so much more than just "doing life with your best friend." It's about compromises, adjustments, and transitions. It's learning to love the sight of his dirty socks on the floor because it means that he is a constant, steady presence in your life. It's sleepless nights with your first born and date nights at home because you're too tired to go anywhere. It entails playing games like "when was the first time you knew you loved me" and "remember when." But more than anything it's about holding tight to each other when the world encourages the exact opposite. We cling to each other when Satan would love nothing more than to tear us apart. We never give up. We never give in. And we never stop praising the One who brought us together that we may glorify Him in every aspect of our marriage because without Him we wouldn't make it!
In the same way, we hold tight to our Lord and the promises He's given us even when the journey seems long and painful. We strive to run the race with perseverance because we know what waits for us at the end. And I am so honored that I am running this race with Luke, my best friend, soulmate, and love of my life!

Luke, I am so glad you asked me to marry you 6 years ago. I pray God blesses us with many, many more years together so that someday we can celebrate 50 years too! I love you with all of my heart for the rest of my life!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

one more thing

I knew I wasn't going crazy and here's proof:
It's about time.

a couple of quick things

Just a few quick things that are going on this morning.
  • My son has covered his face in "banana smashings." All I have to say about that right now is no one sent me the memo that this is the new face mask. And AS IF his skin could get any softer. He doesn't even suffer from poorly timed breakouts, which is more than I can say for myself right now. Cystic Adult Acne, it exists and it's taken up residence on my forehead.
  • Claire burned me a copy of Sara Bareilles' CD "Little Voice." I LOVE IT!! So thank you, Claire, for the musical entertainment that has filled our house and car lately.
  • Here are a couple of blogs that I've been stalking recently. They have some great ideas for thrifty decorating and sewing, which I would like to learn to do in the near future. And yes, I'm talking about both. You know, in my spare time when I'm not wiping banana masks off of my son's face. But I was talking about blogs... &
  • I woke up at 5:00 this morning. Remember when I said that no one should know that hour exists? Well, apparently God wanted to remind me that He DID, in fact, create that hour. Message received.
  • I've really been into watermelon lately. For a long time I only liked the smell of it since it reminded me of summer. Turns out the taste is pretty good too. I would encourage you to partake in this delicious melon. You won't be sorry. But be sure to get the seedless kind because nothing kills a romantic mood with your husband like a few seeds stuck in your teeth. I wouldn't know of course because I practice what I preach. :)
  • Speaking of watermelon, I desperately need to go to the grocery store today. I'm not really looking forward to it but sometimes we have to do things we don't want to do. I would also put cleaning bathrooms in this category.
  • My new camera shipped yesterday!! I sure hope it gets here before our Tulsa trip.

Well, friends, Austin's getting cranky. Guess it's his way of telling me time's up on the face mask. Joy.

The. End.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

time to play catch up

Sooo, I've been slacking in the blog department. What can I say? Summer is in full swing which means we've got swimming and movie watching to do. And oh yeah, a little cleaning and such. Since I haven't written in a week, this post is gonna be a random collection of news and thoughts. Please try to contain your excitement.

First of all, I just need to say that the Twilight series has RUINED my taste in books for life! No other books seem to compare and hold my attention anymore. I think I hear Luke breathing a sigh of relief right about now seeing as how this means I'll be spending less time reading and more time housemaking...since that's what I am these days. A homemaker. It's a big job but one of us has to do it.

In fact, I feel like this series was so good and well written that I need to put them on display somewhere. Sad, I know. And pathetic too come to think of it. Don't worry, though, I am refraining from using them as decorations in our house. Feel free to breathe a sigh of relief too.

Moving on. Last Saturday night we enjoyed a D-E-licious dinner with my family. We saw some old friends and familiar faces. Do you know what I love about living in San Antonio? This is where my roots are and every once in a while, I run into someone that has been a part of my life in some way. Thus, allowing me to take a walk down memory lane. Always a joy, except for when it's not. Luckily, I haven't had too many of the not so fun experiences which is why I still enjoy living where I was raised. Claire and I took a couple of pictures to document the quality family time and fun had by all...

In the words of Fergie..."G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S" :)

Ready for church

Remember how Luke had trade days last week? Well. Lucky for him, he had some landscaping stuff to take care of and guess who his partner in crime was? Yep. Little A. It was so sweet to watch the Father/Son bonding going on in the backyard. I thought maybe you would enjoy it too so here you go.

You can thank me later. :)

We also bought Austin a little pool and he wore. himself. out. He was too cute to watch and it turned out to be a family affair, Savannah included. Oh, you'd like to see some pictures? Well, ok. Twist my arm...

He kept pouring buckets of water out of the pool and into the grass. Something tells me that by the end of the summer that part of the yard will be seriously green.

My love.

Quick pic before resuming his water dumping activities.

I love this picture.

So there you have it. That's what we've been up to these days. Nothing super exciting but memory making nonetheless.

I'm sure more of that will be going on this month since we're pretty busy. For example, one of our good, good friends is getting married in Tulsa on my birthday. I cannot WAIT to get up there and see all of our forever friends! Plus, Luke and I will get to go sans Austin so we can "party like it's 1995" as my mom would say, which includes staying out past 6:30 and dressing up. I've been a little homesick for Tulsa lately so this trip couldn't come at a better time.

Alrightey. I think I better do a quick "bumble bee" clean before Luke gets home and I head to Bible study. I sure hope the girls remember who I am since I haven't been in a few weeks. If not, I'll just remind them of the stellar snack I brought once upon a time. Who could forget goldfish and cupcakes. Talk about a walk down preschool lane.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

i dedicate this post to mr. cranky pants

Well Luke's trade days are over. It's a sad sad day at the Keiffer house...for Austin, especially. Whenever Luke's home he is a DADDY'S boy. Sometimes you just need a new face, ya know? I get it. I too get a little bored with myself every once in a while. We definitely enjoyed having our Luke home and are already looking forward to the weekend! YAY!!

So. About my title today. Can I just tell you that Austin was the definition of cranky yesterday?It was one of those days that makes a mom seriously consider checking herself into Laurel Ridge because all that craziness has got to be better than a whining, crying, temper tantrum throwing one year old. Also. He only wanted Luke. I'm not gonna lie, I was secretly thrilled because I didn't have the wherewithall to deal with all the craziness of the crankiness. Plus, I didn't think punching myself in the face would help matters much so...

But guess what Luke told me last night while we were laying in bed getting ready to go to sleep? He said, and I quote,

I really had fun with Austin today.

Say what?! At first I wondered if he spent the day with another little boy named Austin. Then I wanted to know what he'd been smoking throughout the day that made The Cranky Day of '09 fun.

Because I would like to stock up on some of that memory altering goodness. And also, I feel like we could sell it and make a killing.

But Luke doesn't smoke so eventually I realized that wasn't it.

That left me with only one other conclusion. He really and truly enjoyed the day with his son who adores him. And that, my friends, is why God invented trade days and put Luke in a job that implements them. So I replied,

Really? I'm so glad.

And I was. Because even though we were still Team Aimee & Luke yesterday I needed more of a break than he did. And so, I didn't have to feel guilty anymore for coming up with all sorts of odd jobs around the house that just had to get done or else the world would stop turning. Don't try to deny it. You know you've done it too. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Don't worry, though. Today my little joyful Austin is back and what a happy day it is!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

it's been a great day

Well hello, internet friends! I feel like I've been slacking in the blogging department. But I feel like this is expected since we've been going and going like the Energizer bunny. However, today was one of those days that puts the biggest smile on my face because not only did I get A TON of errands myself...but Luke has trade days today and tomorrow. Holla!! Also. I did a little laundry and little cleaning. So in summary, God smiled on me today because he gave me the motivation and time to accomplish many things on my to do list. Sadly, I still have A PLETHORA of other stuff to get done. You know like update the songs on my iPod. Or change up the playlist on my blog. And oh yeah, change dirty diapers, clean some more, and finish slaying the laundry dragon. It's a glamorous life I lead. {A big thanks to Fergie for her song "Glamorous" since I just had a senior moment and wasn't sure if I spelled it right.}

Do you wanna know how summer officially arrives at the Keiffer house?

I'd be happy to tell ya.

The shows are over and Luke and I proceed to rent every movie we did not get to see at the movie theater. Oh, wait. We never go to movies anymore. First of all, it is ridiculously expensive and I prefer to save that money for important things like supporting my magazine buying habit. Or my obsession for Old Navy deals. But we do occasionally make it to a movie or two. For example, I fully intend on going to see The Proposal with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. Betty White is in it too, and she was Hi-larious on her Entertainment Tonight interview.

But do all you parents out there remember back in the dating days when going to movies was a regular event? Me too. And. Do you remember when you could whip out your school ID and get a discount? I milked that thing for all it was worth. After all, my parents paid good money for my education and it's only right that I get the most of what they paid for my ID. By the by, thank you, Pete and Rhonda, for the generosity that you bestowed on me by paying for my schooling. Those were some good days. I sure do miss being supported by the Finance Department that was my parents. Now I am one of the members of Austin's Finance Department. Sometimes you never know what you have 'til it's gone.

But life is good and on that note I'm going to wrap this up. I'm off to enjoy some more quality time with my little family.

Now do have a lovely evening.