Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's Wednesday!

Hello, friends! Today is Wednesday, which just happens to be ONE of my favorite days. Here's why. First of all it means that we are halfway through the week and well on our way to the weekend. Second, it's my night off and I choose to spend it out of the house with some of my favorite San Antonio friends. Tonight we start our new Beth Moore study and I am pumped!! I will not let the fact that I am still suffering from horrendous allergies get me down. I will be attending the Ladies Night Bible Study in all of my rudolph glory!

So what else is going on at the Keiffer house this Wednesday? I'd be happy to tell you. Austin has come down with a little cold and cough. This means that he is grumpy with a capital "G"! He hasn't been sleeping great so today I made a mom decision and put him down for 2 naps. I'm sure you can just imagine how thrilled he was.

In other news, I started my new FIRM workout DVD. It's called "Total Body Time Crunch." Everything about this title makes my day! I definitely need to work my ENTIRE body in a short amount of time. I really do love the FIRM but what I don't love is having to learn all new moves. In case you don't know me well, which most of you do, I feel the need to mention that when it comes to moves I have none! Picture with me, if you will, an uncoordinated woman doing all kinds of crazy things with her arms in an effort to follow the graceful moves of the aerobic instructors on the DVD. It's ok to laugh. I sure did! I've also been walking with my mom which has been really fun. I have to tell you, though, that I've started stressing just a little bit. You see, one of these days Luke and I will decide that we need to add a little more crazy to the mix with another little one. When that day comes, I would like to be a little closer to my pre-pregnancy weight. Nobody get excited. We still have a few months at least before we even start to get serious. Still, we all know that time flies and once you get out of college the 'ol metabolism hits the breaks...major. I'll let ya know how it goes but here's hoping for a smaller stomach and a slimmer face in a few weeks.

And speaking of Luke, he got some exciting news today that hopefully I'll be able to share in a couple of days. He and I have made a few changes around here. The other night we had the big budget arguement of '09. Did I say arguement? I actually meant "intense fellowship." One of the things I love about my husband is his ability to manage our money responsibly. I never worry about our finances or whether or not we'll be able to pay the bills because we have a budget that we follow...for the most part. However, like everyone else, we are a tad bit stressed about the economy. God has always been a faithful provider, and bad economy or not, He will continue to take care of us no matter what. Luke and I just feel that it is important to manage our money and save just in case the worst happens. That doesn't mean, though, that we don't clash a little when discussing just how much to spend and save. Not to mention that we added a couple of expenses to the budget recently. SO all this to say that we were trying to get on the same page and came up with a brilliant plan, if I do say so myself. We will now be sharing even more of our responsibilities. This means that Luke will be helping with stuff around the house in the evenings and I will be helping him pay bills. I feel really good about this plan because I think it will allow each of us to "walk a mile in the other's shoes" so to speak.

That just about does it on life around here today. Enjoy the rest of the afternoon and get ready for some FRIDGID weather in the next couple of days.

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