Sunday, August 8, 2010

in a blink

Well. Once again, I've neglected the blog. There's so much to document since I last wrote and I'm not even going to attempt to do that in one post. Therefore, I've decided to dedicate this entry to a certain little boy who recently turned 3!

Just yesterday, I met you for the first time. It must've been a very touching moment for you since you cried for over an hour.

Just yesterday, you fit perfectly on my chest and could sleep there for hours.

Just yesterday, we were thrilled to witness your first sweet smile.

Just yesterday, we were listening to your laugh for the first time.

Just yesterday, we were discovering what a happy baby you were.

For only a moment, you could wear the cutest onesies.

For only a moment, I could snuggle you close while I fed you your bottle and rocked you to sleep.

For only a moment, you loved your paci. In an effort to keep you happy all through the night, we would line three or four up in your crib. You know, just in case you lost the one in your mouth.

And then, in a blink of an eye, it was your first birthday. We celebrated with family, presents, and cupcakes. What a special day it was!!

Not long ago, you were walking for the first time. Your chubby little legs were adorable as you toddled around the house.

Not long ago, I quit shopping for onesies and started buying big boy clothes.

Before we knew it, your fun personality was revealing itself.

Before we knew it, you were starting to say words.

Before we knew it, you were into all things boy...dirt, cars, and being silly.

And then, we were celebrating your second birthday. This time we had a pool party and invited some special friends.

All of a sudden, your baby face turned into a little boy face.

All of a sudden, you weren't just saying words but complete sentences.

All of a sudden, you took up my whole lap while rocking you at night.

Today, I savor every moment with you because it won't be long before they are few and far between.

Today, I treasure the fact that I am the most important girl in your life. The fact that you told your uncle that I'm your girlfriend melts my heart.

Today, I soak in the sound of your sweet voice as it echoes through our house.

Today, I enjoy your mini concerts as the song in your heart goes straight to your mouth.

Today, tomorrow, and always you are my little boy. No matter how big you are or where you go, a part of me will always be with you. I love you with all my heart!!