Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Details, As Promised

The first day of school was a success! I got a GREAT report on our little man's performance at Mother's Day Out. When I dropped him off, he looked a little unsure, but his teachers were so good to welcome him with open arms and big smiles! I couldn't wait to pick him up and hear all about his day. I will admit that I was a little worried since he had been cranky that morning before we left. Not to mention the fact that naptime was a scheduled activity in the bunny classroom and we all know how Austin feels about that idea lately. To my complete surprise, he actually took a nap...on a crib mattress with no crib bars...for the full hour and 45 minutes! Wonders never cease do they?!

In addition, he ate his ENTIRE lunch plus some green peas Miss Sharon gave the whole class. Let me just add a little known fact about his lunch here. As I was gathering up food to pack in his lunch I realized that applesauce might not be the best fruit to send due to the fact that Austin hasn't quite mastered the talent of feeding it to himself. SO I opted for the mixed fruit, which he absolutely refuses to eat in Luke and my presence. I thought to myself:

Well, good luck with that today, Miss Sharon and Miss Gail!

And what do you know? That little stinker even ate his fruit bites. Seriously. We have been punk'd by our own son!

Other activities enjoyed by little A included playing outside, chapel, learning all about circles, and playing in the gym. I think he'll be excited to go back on Friday!

You might be wondering what I did with all this free time. Let me assure you that I was not at a loss for what to do with myself! I came home and took a shower in the peace and quiet. More importantly, the heater in the bathroom was on and the door was shut so as to actually feel warm when stepping out of the shower. When I emerged and went in search of Savannah, I found her suffering from a little separation anxiety. Apparently, the way our dog copes with missing her "little brother" is to chew up one of his dirty diapers. Happy first day off, Aimee!

Dear Savannah:
Dirty diapers are not snacks. Neither are crayons, kleenex, or small toys belonging to Austin. Please try to remember this in the future or else you may find yourself living the life of a permanent outside dog!

Too bad she can't actually read and understand that little memo. Instead, she was sent outside for the remainder of the day, and I headed over to Panera for lunch with a good friend. It was a fabulous day for both of us and I think it's safe to say that we're both looking forward to Friday.

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