Wednesday, April 22, 2009

He's Kind Of A Big Deal...

...and here's the proof:

I love these little pajamas! I think it's always great when they say something on the back. Even though he can't talk as clearly as he will soon, he can still leave us with one final thought.

And let's face it. He is a big deal.

This morning we had to take Luke to work so we were all up bright and early. Actually, Luke and I are up early most days since we work out at 5. He does P90x, and I spend a little quality time with my friends from The Firm. And that's exactly what I hope to look like in a few weeks: firm.

Anyway, because of Austin's early start he spent some extra time in his pajamas. Never a bad way to start your day, I say. While I was making breakfast, I caught him hanging out with Savannah. She really is quite the trooper since he likes to use her as his own personal jungle gym. Here they are in all of their cuteness:

Savannah really does look thrilled doesn't she? And I am truly amazed at her modesty.

I like to call this next one "Please don't take my picture! I'm having a bad hair day, and I'm pretty sure I've got dog food stuck in my teeth."

Of course Austin is doing what all good friends should do... "No! You look AMAZING! I would never have known that you just ate"
Girls really are so dramatic. ;)
And just to make sure that Savannah had a good self-esteem day, Austin gave her some kisses. Such a precious, tender moment.

And here are a couple more pictures of the little man to brighten your day and put a smile on your face.

I get the feeling that he misses his pacifier.

But at least he's still a happy camper! :)

Hope you all have a great day! Austin and I are off to do a little cleaning before his Grammy gets here. And by cleaning I mean I'll do the actual cleaning and Austin will come behind me and undo it. Should be fun.


The McFarland Family said...

you've officially been added to my blog list. I feel better about life now :)

The McFarland Family said...

oh, and I've been an avid follower of MckMama for months now. Isn't it weird to feel like you have this secret obsession only to learn that your closest friends share it?