Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Austin's Snuggie Wanna-Be

Have you ever heard of the snuggie? If not, then you must be hiding under a rock because I see their commercial ALL THE TIME. In fact, I feel like everywhere I turn I see them on blogs AND the tv. My sister-in-law even told me that her husband Jared wanted to get each of us one. Pretty sure it would be a joke since he is quite the jokester. Anyway, I think Austin might be a little upset that they don't sell his size because this is what I saw a couple of days ago when I walked into the kitchen:

Here's the front. I pulled out the camera and he made this face. I guess I use it so much that he's finally figured out what to do.

Here he is from the side.

And here's the back. Someone really should tell him that his "snuggie" is on backwards since we all know that a snuggie is nothing but a robe put on the wrong way. However, I feel that this is further proof of his brilliant creativity.

And speaking of Austin, here's is a little update on what the our son is up to these days.

  • He is officially going to bed later these days. It's a bittersweet time since Luke and I have less time alone in the evenings. On the other hand, he is sleeping later in the mornings.
  • By now you all know that he is a picky eater. But, I may be winning more battles these days. Also, I'm going to get some vegetables and such in him one way or another...Deceptively Delicious better come through for me!
  • His vocabulary is expanding every day. This means that Luke and I have to do more spelling. Now, I've always been a good speller, but I may have asked Luke to spell something more than once in the past because I can't visualize the word in my head.
  • "No!" is his favorite word. "Don't tell Mommy no." is my new phrase.
  • He has officially renamed Luke "Daddy." It's really cute. :)
  • He still loves balls, dogs, and cars.

    Thanks for letting me share some fun things about our favorite little boy. Hope you all have a lovely day.

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