Monday, May 19, 2008

A Blast from the Past

The family (minus Jon and Luke) at Claire's Junior/Senior banquet. Don't we clean up nice?

My date for the evening AND one of the best sisters in the whole world!

Missing Jon and Luke!

My parents. Aren't they such a cute couple?!

I've said it before, but I'll say it again. I can't believe my littlest sister Claire is a junior...about to be a senior! This weekend I went to her Junior/Senior Banquet..."A Night With The Stars". Claire was in charge of the committee that did the table decorations, and may I just say they looked amazing! We even got to sit with one of my favorite high school teachers and catch up. It was a blast! Anyways, as I sat and watched all the seniors escorted to their seats I couldn't help but remember MY senior banquet. Luke and I were dating at the time and I was THRILLED to be his date. It was a bittersweet time for me. I was finally dating the guy I'd waited to date the whole year, and it was about to be over. (At least I thought it was!) I was nervous about going to college but excited at the same time. My senior year was not the easiest, and I was definitely ready to start a new chapter with new adventures and friends.

Looking back I realize how far God has brought me from the person I used to be. I was not the most confident person, and I had a tendency to let people take advantage of me. I was a little on the sensitive side, which was both good and bad! Since then there have been many situations that God has used to grow me and my confidence. He has always been molding me into the woman He wants me to become, but I think learning to value and respect myself as well as my personal boundaries has been the biggest lesson in my life so far. I was encouraged the other night when Luke told me I was much more confident and not afraid to speak my mind. Once it was brought to my attention, I had to agree, but this has been something I've worked on for a long time. I still feel like I have a long way to go too.

However, there are some things that have remained the same. I'm still a people pleaser and don't like the feeling or the thought of someone not liking me. I can still be a little sensitive but with more confidence comes the ability to shrug some stuff off. But the most important thing that has stayed the same is my love for Luke. Well actually I would have to say that it grows everyday. He is truly my best friend and I feel like he has played a big part in my being more confident. He is the first to tell me that I can do anything I set my mind too. Even when others express their doubt. I have to be honest. Sometimes he believes I can do things that even I doubt! When I look back to the beginning of our relationship, I remember the summer after our senior year. It was such a special time, and with every passing day I grew more and more sad that it would eventually come to an end. I was so happy when it was clear that we would continue dating, and even happier when we knew we would get married after graduating from college!

God is good! He refuses to leave us where we are even if it means pushing us out of our comfort zone. He never stops believing in us and what we have the potential to become. I am so thankful that He has shown me how valuable I am in His eyes.

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Beautiful Craziness said...

"Um, um excuse, you just skipped me..." I'll never forget that! It's amazing how God molds and changes us and we sometimes don't even realize it. And sometimes we do realize it and wish he were done by now! You are such a good friend and I value our friendship. I'm so glad to hear you are growing and becoming what I knew you were and are. In this past year God has taught me that it's a process. But it's a good one. Love you girlie.