Monday, May 5, 2008

Best Friends Already :)

Most of you know how much I love our dog Savannah. We rescued her long before Austin was even a thought in our heads and it was love at first sight...for me anyways. I had been bugging Luke for quite some time to let me get a dog. My argument was that I needed something to come home to on the nights that he had class, and I thought it would be good practice before we had any kids. Finally he gave in and the search to pick out the newest member of our family began. We looked at several different kinds of dogs of all ages and even though I really wanted a black lab, I kept an open mind. The last stop on our search one Saturday was the Petsmart in Owasso, Oklahoma. Almost immediately I spotted a group of black lab puppies. I couldn't believe it! A few were awake and crawling all over the others so we just stood and observed them for a little bit. I remember asking Luke which one he thought we should pick and he pointed to one of the sleeping puppies. We figured that since she was sleeping and seemed to be pretty calm it was the most logical decision. After filling out some paperwork and selecting a few necessities we headed home. Savannah was a little unsure at first and proved to be quite an escape artist. Between the potty training, howling, and a love for chewing on things other than her toys, Luke and I were convinced that having a child would be much easier! Eventually we all settled into a routine and Savannah became the companion I had hoped she'd be.

However, as we all know, life doesn't stay the same and before we knew it, we were getting ready to welcome yet another member to our family. There were many thoughts on my mind in the 9 months leading up to Austin's birth one of which was how to help Savannah adjust to having a little person in our house. I was determined that, like it or not, she would adjust and someday they would be the best of friends!

At first, their relationship was more nonexistent than anything. She was curious about him and he simply ignored her. As he became more aware of his surroundings, we discovered that dogs were one of his favorite things. The best part was that it seemed the bigger the better in his mind. And Savannah has stayed the same. She's still curious and loves to lick him. Austin just laughs and reaches his little arms out to encourage more attention from the dog that we've begun to refer to as "Austin's pony" :)

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Beautiful Craziness said...

OMG aims, he is so cute! How precious.