Monday, May 5, 2008

:Austin Luke Keiffer:

Since most of our family members live out of state, we thought having a blog would be a great way for all of them to read about the latest stories and changes in Austin's life. However, it seems only appropriate to give a brief background on how we prepared for the new addition to our family. Last fall Luke and I found out that I was pregnant and due the next summer. We were so surprised but excited about the new chapter our family was about to enter. On March 2nd we were told that it would be a little boy and I immediately started thinking about themes for the nursery. Coming from a family of all girls, I couldn't begin to imagine what I would do with a little boy. However, as time passed and I talked to moms with boys, I quickly realized that having a boy would be a new adventure and definitely less drama! It seemed like the days were flying by until I reached the last 2 months. I couldn't believe how uncomfortable I'd become and how difficult the simplest tasks were. Finally, after what had begun to feel like years, July came and it was only a matter of days before Austin would make his big debut.

I was induced at 10:30pm on July 16th and Austin was born the next morning at 7:39 weighing 7 pounds and 5 ounces. He cried for almost 2 hours, which broke Brittany's record of 45 minutes! Needless to say, Luke and I were a little concerned that this was a glimpse of what was to come over the next few months. I'm sure you can imagine our relief when they brought him in to us a couple of hours later and he turned out to be pretty calm and relaxed. It's been 3 weeks now and we are really enjoying getting to know our son. It goes without saying that we think he's the cutest baby ever, but we will admit that we're more than a little biased! So far, Austin likes playing in his bed, which entails looking at his bumper pads and listening to his mobile. He also enjoys having his hair washed, his feet rubbed, sucking on his pacifier, and going for rides in the car. His hobbies include sleeping, eating, and peeing during his bath and diaper changes! We've discovered that he has Luke's fingers and toes and the temperment I had as a baby. His hair is dark (and currently falling out) and his eyes are dark blue...for now! One of the first things I noticed was that he had my dad's mouth and it didn't take long before he mastered the "Pete Bauerlein smirk"!

We can already tell that he is growing and changing right before our eyes. I've heard that this time will go by so fast and I definitely believe it. Sometimes, though, when we're getting up several times in the middle of the night or he's fussy and we don't know why I feel like the days are dragging. Like all of us, Austin has his good days and bad. Just when I begin to wonder what we've done, he does something so cute that I forget about all of the frustrations and challenges of that day. One thing is for sure~ life will never be the same!

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