Sunday, September 13, 2009

some thoughts that wouldn't be complete without some rambling

Happy Sunday, friends!! I'm writing to you from my couch while I listen to the boys in my life have a video chat with the grandparents. Grammy and Pops to be exact. It's an especially sweet sound seeing as how Luke has been on call all week and we are enjoying the unexpected pleasure of having him home early today. YAY!! So yeah. I'm pretty thrilled it's Sunday and tomorrow we resume our regularly scheduled programming and work routine. Although I'm happy to report that this week went wonderfully despite Luke's long hours.

And since I have a few moments to myself to think, I'd thought I'd jot down some Thoughts on Life I've had this week.

You can thank me later.

First of all, I ventured into my HEB for the first time in weeks the other day. Remember? I've been cheating on HEB with Walmart lately. HELLO!! When did they remodel? Or I guess I should say REARRANGE?!! Seriously. I felt like the phrase "Here Everything's Better" should've been changed to "Here Everything's BAFFLING." Because that's exactly what I felt. Baffled. Baffled as to why I found myself on the soda aisle when I really wanted to be on the bread aisle and so on and so forth etcetera etcetera. I had to get out of there quick because I was starting to get stressed. In a big way.

So. Do you wanna know what I do on the weekends when Luke is working? Well, besides take care of Austin sans my favorite teammate. That would be finding myself watching old reruns of Beverly Hills 90210 mostly because I couldn't tear my eyes away from the train wreck that was the fashion of the 90's. The fact that I never watched that show to begin with is unimportant. What IS important, though, is the fact that at one time someone decided it would be fun to smoke crack and then come up with some shady fashion trends. But don't worry. When I wasn't busy playing fashion critic, I managed to find the time to watch the new CW drama The Vampire Diaries. I know. I KNOW!! I have nothing to say for myself other than I was bored and there was nothing else to watch on tv. These are the kinds of things I resort to, people, when Luke is not home at his usual time.

And finally, because I know I'll get in trouble if I go too long without posting a picture, I give you one of my favorite pics from August. This also serves as a friendly reminder to pray for the college student below seeing as how she has gotten her first taste of being sick while away from home in the form of The Stomach Flu.

You're welcome for that mental picture.

Bless her heart.

And bless Austin's heart in this picture since it would appear that he is very underwhelmed about taking this picture with us. Too Cool For School as Lindsay would say.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend and got some of that much needed rain.


Bergerons said...

Well if you hadn't been cheating on HEB then you would not have been baffled! HEB is always waiting for you with open arms...go back for good!!! Really, the Schaeffer family would appreciate the loyalty!

Beautiful Craziness said...

What do you mean you never watched 90210? Ok, I don't think we can be friends anymore! J/K!

Claire Bauerlein said...

thanks for the prayers! :)