Sunday, September 14, 2008

So Long Summer

Even though the temperatures are not quite fall-like, I still consider the beginning of September the official start to fall! We had an amazing summer, and even though I still can't believe it's over, I am so looking forward to seeing what these last few months of 2008 have in store for my little family. :)

This year we said a final farewell to summer at my in-laws new lakehouse near Dallas. We had a BLAST!! It took all of us a full week to recover from all the fun and laughter we experienced over Labor Day weekend. Here is a list of some of my favorite highlights (some of which are pictured below):
  • Having the privilege of meeting the "welcoming committee" who also goes by the name Hunter. Hunter is a Lab that enjoys peeing in any yard other than his own and pretty much making sure he is the thorn in our sides while visiting the lakehouse!
  • Swinging with Austin.
  • Walks on the dock and swinging in the hammock swings.
  • And what family gathering is complete without a friendly game of marshmellow toss 'n catch? Seriously, this game can get competitive fast! Luckily I had my camera nearby to capture some of the action. ;)
  • Watching Austin play in his pool. The best part about it: no lifejacket needed! It also came complete with a shallow and deep end due to the sloping backyard.
  • Austin discovered on this trip that he LOVES to dip anything in refried beans. He is also a fan of soft serve ice cream in a cone.
  • The boat rides, especially the last one. The water ended up being a little more rough than we thought, which led to putting the top on the boat. While the boys got wet, Lindsay and I took cover until we were promised that we wouldn't have to worry about crashing waves anymore! We took pictures to document this exciting adventure and in one of the last pictures you'll notice my "loan bang" sweeping across my forehead. As Britt would say, it's HOTastic!

Other than that, we pretty much ate, hurricane watched (thank goodness for cable and the weather channel) and laughed ALOT. Like I said, it was a blast and I think we're all looking forward to the next trip to the lake. Since then, life has been pretty busy but I'll have to post more on that later. Hope everyone is having a fabulous Sunday evening gearing up for another week. :)

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