Sunday, August 24, 2008

Beth Moore and a Baby!

It is blissfully quiet in my house right now because Austin is taking his ONE nap for the day. So I thought I would take this opportunity to write about one of the most encouraging experiences I've had in a while. This last weekend I got to go to my first Beth Moore conference. It was AMAZING! She is so gifted and truly allows the Lord to speak through her. How could anyone not leave completely blessed and fired up about Jesus?! Anyways, I would like to do a Beth Moore Highlights post because it was so good and encouraging, but I don't think that is going to be on the agenda for this afternoon.

Basically her message was about our inheritance and being heirs of Christ and co-heirs with Jesus. Seriously, y'all, there were so many great things that she said that I could not possibly fit them all in one post. I just love, love, love how she always makes AT LEAST one point that I totally didn't expect but makes perfect sense. It was just great and I can't wait to go to another one!

On another completely different topic, my friend Ginger had her baby the very night we were at Beth Moore. That alone should mean that little Harper is destined for greatness! :) After the conference and a very good lunch at Chuy's, we all headed over to the hospital to meet the new Bailey. Can I just tell you that it brought back so many great memories?! Who knew that Austin used to be that tiny? We didn't stay long but I'm pretty sure we all really enjoyed getting to see the new parents in action and meet a sweet, sweet baby girl.

This weekend me and my little family are headed up to the Dallas area to enjoy some time with Luke's family at their new lakehouse. I'm really excited to see everyone but a little nervous since we're driving. Why would I be nervous about driving you ask? Well, let's just say this is the longest Austin will have to be in his carseat seeing as how we've always flown up there. If my next blog entry comes from a mental institution, you'll know why! ;) Seriously, though, I think Luke and I have a plan. Needless to say, this week has been FILLED with cleaning and laundering in an effort to come home to a clean house and so that my husband will have clean underwear to take on our trip. But, lucky for me, there is still room in this busy schedule for a little of God's humor. Allow me to recap the week and fill you in on something that stays completely consistent in my life...

1) Almost BITING it at the Beth Moore conference. That's right I almost outdid my fall on the first day of college by falling in front of 10,000 women. Ok, so maybe they wouldn't have all seen, but enough would have for it to be COMPLETELY embarrassing!

2) When asked by my lovely husband, "What does mommy do?" Austin promply replies with the sound a pig makes. You read right. My son basically just called me fat! :)

3) Austin has learned how to tickle us. It goes without saying that this is super cute, but what makes it funny is that he will tickle ANYTHING... your leg, your arm, the tray at McDonalds. He doesn't discriminate!

4) And for those of us with children, how cool is it when they come behind you and basically undo everything you've worked hard to accomplish?! Ummm, it's not. It's right up there with Austin almost pulling my gaucho pants down while pulling himself up on my leg.

And my favorite highlight of the week:
5) Hearing Austin over the monitor saying "good girl" as he woke up this morning. Luke and I think he was trying to call for Savannah to come get him out of bed. I love it! Almost as much as I love him...

Life is never dull around our house and I sure am thankful for that. After all, laughing is one of my favorite activities and supposedly it burns lots of calories. And since Austin seems to think I make the sound of a pig, it's a good thing we do alot of laughing around here!


Beautiful Craziness said...

Those are the best moments of mommyhood and they just get better as they begin to talk more and more! Well I am off to be a cowboy ( ikeep saying cowgirl but apparently I am not a cowgirl but a cowboy!) Love lots! Call me!

Jordan said...

when i read the title, i was thinking maybe it was a baby for you! but i'm still happy for your friend. :) your boy is a cutie.