Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wedding Week Highlights

Just in case you didn't have the where with all to read the in depth post about the wedding, I thought I'd recap some of the highlights. The good, the bad, and a little of the ugly. :)

Highlight #1:

The Lingerie Shower and Bachlorette Party. I had a blast planning every detail of this night with my sister Claire. Our goal was to make it as girly and memorable as possible. But most importantly to honor our sister and help her have a little fun before the big day! She got some great stuff and of course some wild stuff that should make her marriage a little more interesting.

Highlight #2:

The Bridesmaid Luncheon. Such sweet girls and such a special time. From lunch to the prayer we all prayed over Britt, it was so fun!

Highlight #3:

The Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner. Ok, here's where some of the not so good comes in. The wedding coordinator at the church was LESS than impressive. A couple of times she rolled her eyes so far back in her head that we felt like asking, once she resumed a normal facial expression, "Welcome back. How was it?!" Seriously, if you don't like dealing with young couples and their attendants then you should SERIOUSLY consider a job change. However, despite the grinch that tried to steal the wedding happiness, we had a great time practicing and watching how excited the two of them were!

Highlight #4:

Having my car break down at the airport while picking up Andrea. My wonderful husband Luke was kind enough to leave the dinner a little early to pick up Andrea from the airport. About the time I was expecting them to pull into the parking lot, he calls to inform us that my car won't start. Are. You. Kidding. Me?! Not cool, literally and figuratively. Luckily it was just the battery and was fixed the next day just in time to finish with all the wedding festivities. I am officially apologizing on behalf of the Escape for such poor timing.

Highlight #5:

Getting my hair done with Britt. I savored every moment alone with her because I knew I wouldn't get much time for the rest of the day. It was great to spend some time together and I'm so thankful for that time and memory!

Highlight #6:

Seeing Britt in her dress. Enough said. :)

Highlight #7:

Seeing how happy Britt and Jon were. My mom said it best. Jon was so happy that he could barely stand still, and Britt's face lit up with the biggest smile whenever her groom was in sight. What a precious picture of how Jesus feels about each of His children and how we should feel about our Father!

Highlight #8:

Playing peek-a-boo with Austin right before I went down the aisle. He was in the back and caught sight of me through the glass. So precious!

Highlight #9

The unity candle song. Claire and a couple of guys from our church played and sang "Listen to Our Hearts" by Geoff Moore and Steven Curtis Chapman. It was beautiful and such a sweet time for Britt and Jon to talk and pray together.

Highlight #10

Hearing my dad thank the wedding coordinator (mentioned above) for her graciousness. Um, apparently he's great at heaping coals of kindness on others' heads!

Highlight #11

The reception. Everything was so much fun. I especially liked Andrea's comment when all the aggies sang the Aggie War Hymn. It did kind of last longer than expected and she just wanted to know if it was actually A&M The Musical! :) I love it!! I also loved dancing with Luke and getting to talk to lots of our close friends. And, of course, it was so great to watch Brittany and Jon together.

So there you have it. Some of my most favorite memories from the weekend that I will treasure always. Congratulations, Brittany and Jon! We are so happy for you both! :)

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