Saturday, July 12, 2008

This Week in Review

This week has been relatively calm, but full of fun and revelations!

The other night I was walking into the study to tell Luke something. Lately he's been having some trouble with his monitor so we are preparing to replace that, but imagine my surprise when I walk in and am immediately greeted by this sight:

Wow! was pretty much all I could say. But then I recovered and said,

"Uhhh, Luke?"

To which he replied, "Yeeees?" and poked his head around the computer screen/tv.

Ohhh how I love my creative husband. The tv now has a more permanent home up in my newly shelved scrapbook room and I feel that it looks much better. (I'll post pictures of that once I'm finished setting it up!)

So the big revelation this week has been the fact that my son definitely has no problem sharing. Our little man has officially moved on from baby food to table food. I think the family member that is the happiest about this is Savannah who loves to sit at the bottom of the highchair and patiently (or not so patiently) wait for scraps. Several times I've turned around only to find him feeding her the leftover food he doesn't want. They both love it! Then, probably the cutest thing I witnessed this week was Austin trying to share his bottle with Savannah. The fact that it was completely empty is unimportant. :) I am so thankful that Austin already has a heart for sharing. I'm really hoping that there will only be a few occasions where we'll have to remind him that "Jesus likes it when we share." I've posted a picture of Savannah waiting for a snack and Austin about to be the provider of that snack.

On another fun note, Friday my mom and I went out to run a few errands, sans Austin. We were off to Lifeway to get his birthday presents from Luke and I and decided to look for some of his birthday party supplies at Hobby Lobby as well. I really wanted to have a duck theme but had a hard time finding the things I needed for the party, which will probably mostly consist of family. So instead I found these adorable train invitations that I think will be super cute. We also got thank you notes, plates and napkins for the occasion. Here's a picture:

I'm really looking forward to celebrating our first born and a year full of blessings and surprises! The other major event this week happend just this morning as I was mopping the kitchen. Our somewhat clumsy dog got her paw stuck in between the branches of our crape murtle tree. It was the most pitiful thing and of course I ran outside to rescue her! She actually ended up freeing herself despite my efforts to help which included but was not limited to yelling for Luke like something had happend to Austin! I think she'll be ok. She's limping a little and immediately after regaining her freedom high tailed it inside straight to her house. I think she looks at it as a place of refuge, and we were more than happy to lock her inside for some rest. Obviously there are no pictures to document the excitement of the morning!

As for the rest of our weekend, I'll be cleaning, doing laundry, and just getting some stuff done for the wedding and lingerie shower/bachlorette party that Claire and I are throwing for Britt in LESS THAN A MONTH! Wedding madness is about to reach an all time high so all of your prayers would be much appreciated. :) I am so looking forward to her big day and am actually not feeling as sad about her moving as I was. I really want to focus on rejoicing with her during these last few weeks and save the crying for the actual goodbyes.

Before I sign off here I had a couple of questions for my blogging friends. First, I've tried to add some music from a playlist on I know where to go and how to add the code but it won't take it. It keeps saying that it's not in a proper form. Uhhh, I have NO idea what that means. So for those of you that might have an idea I would love to get your input. Finally, is there any way to add pictures so that they don't immediately end up at the top of my entry after I've written part of my post? I've been having to add the pictures first which is kind of a pain. I've tried figuring this out by myself but apparently I'm not smarter than blogspot!

Hope you all are having a relaxing weekend! Happy Saturday!!

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Jordan said...

cute! i can't wait to meet austin in real life. :)

i have the same problem with blogspot... my pics always end up at top. it's annoying and i'm not sure how to fix it.

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