Tuesday, March 2, 2010

a little randomness for your tuesday morning

I can't believe it either! Two posts in two days!! The truth is I'm about to hop in the shower so as to be ready for an early lunch with my mom. Something tells me that a girls lunch should be treated like a date...you want to be clean and dressed cute for the occasion. In other words, hat hair is not welcome.

While I have a little time to kill, I thought I'd give you all a glimpse into life in general here at the Keiffers. Also, before I get irrate calls and emails {oh, I kid!}, I do have some pictures of Austin that I will post in the near future. Just not today.

Ok. First, I need to confess that I have become slightly obsessed with the Food Network show Down Home with the Neelys. Y'all. I'm a sucker for all things southern and these two have the best accents. Plus, I love how much fun they have cooking together. And the food doesn't look too bad either. If you like to cook, you really should watch this show.

Luke got to leave for work a little later this morning so he went up to get Austin out of bed. It may have only been a few extra minutes in bed for me but it. was. GLOOOORIOUS! Sir Talks Alot also told us that he was singing quietly in his bed before Luke came up to get him. We asked him what he was singing and he said he didn't know. Gotta love it! It's a wonder he didn't say "She'll Be Coming 'Round The Mountain" or "Go Tell It On The Mountain" since those are his favorite songs lately.

I was cold ALL DAY LONG yesterday! The insulation in this house is alot like a vacuum in that it sucks all the cold and hot air right in; thus, putting my marriage in jeopardy because I want to turn the heat up or the air down all day long.

I downloaded an app to my iPhone called C25k. It stands for Couch to 5k. Yes, you read right. The girl that hates to run is training for a 5k. Really I'm just in it for the free t-shirt. Actually, it's more of a personal goal since I may not even register to run after I'm through training. We'll see. It's great, though, because you can still play your music and it will tell you when to walk, run, and cool down. The workouts last anywhere from 30-40 minutes. Don't be too impressed. {Not that you were or anything} It's really pretty easy and a 5k is only about 3 miles. Now those that are training for a marathon or even a half marathon, my hat's off to you! You may borrow my running shoes if you want because one thing's for sure: those things will never see the light of day where a marathon's concerned. It's good to be realistic with your goals.

Confession: I watched Oprah yesterday. I KNOW! I can't stand her show anymore either, but I tape it because my dislike for Oprah shouldn't contaminate my love for the Nate Berkus episodes. That boy's got some decorating talent. Anyway, yesterday it was all about that new show The Marriage Ref. Now I don't want to speak too prematurely but I think it's pretty safe to say that we're about to experience pure television gold! All I can say is that the first few episodes will deal with conflicts like a husband who sleeps on the porch. In freezing temperatures. A wife who refuses to let her husband put a stripper pole in their bedroom for her even though he promises it's actually an exercise pole. {Now raise your hand if you believe that. I thought so.} And a husband that claims he needs at least a meter of toilet paper when wiping. I'm not even kidding. It was great to see these couples interviewed because it appeared that their marriage was pretty solid despite these petty arguments. Plus, Jerry Seinfeld's the producer and he's hilarious so I think I'll give it a shot.

Alright. Well, I'm off to get ready for the day. A chicken ceasar salad for Gourmet Burger Grill is in my future and I am pumped!!

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