Wednesday, November 18, 2009

picture post

Well. I have no excuses for myself other than it's been a CRAZY few weeks. I know it's bad when my husband asks me,

When are you ever going to update your blog?!

Because it's not like we don't live together, and he doesn't automatically know what's going on in my life and our house. But oh how I love that he enjoys reading what I write and cares enough to check in on a regular basis.

I do have so much to share, but until my house doesn't look like a hurricane blew through it, I feel like I should focus on a couple of other things before giving you the lowdown on the madness that was November. Until then, here are some Austin pics for your viewing pleasure. Rest assurred, despite all the craziness, he remains the light of our lives and favorite subject for any and every photo shoot at our house.


Just finished a week of Pops & Grammy Camp. Please ignore the very industrial background of this picture. The Temple IHOP didn't exactly provide a plethora of picturesque settings for us.

Modeling his Colorado hat and "thumbs." That's right, gloves are now referred to as "thumbs" in this house. Love. It.

Mowing the yard.

Potato sack race at the pumpkin patch.

Losing steam and his sack

My favorites!

Mommy and Haha :)

LOVE this face. It's so Austin.

Trying to pick up the pumpkin.

He loved the animals!

Our little pumpkin :)

More pictures and stories to come soon! Hope you're enjoying the Christmas season and experiencing the joy that knowing Jesus brings this time of year.

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