Monday, June 23, 2008

Time Flies...

... when you're having fun! This last month has been a crazy one. I'm sure you can tell by the lack of posting and updating on my part. We've celebrated birthdays, weddings, and most importantly fathers! So I wanted to take a little time to celebrate a new father who just happens to be my husband. :) I can't tell you how thankful I am for Luke and the joy and happiness he brings to my life. Our first 3 years of marriage were wonderful. We made so many great memories and learned so many valuable lessons as a married couple. And then God sent Austin. I guess you could say that the fun REALLY began on July 17, 2007. From the very first moments of Austin's life, I was amazed at what an awesome father Luke already was. If I was going to be honest (and we all know I can't lie) I would have to admit that he was even more comfortable with Austin than I was at first. Since then I have watched the 2 of them bond and grow closer together as a father and son. And what a BLESSING it has been!

I love that he is always encouraging me to take a break at the end of the day. No matter how long his day has been he is quick to make sure I get some down time.

I love watching him play with Austin. He gets down on the floor and lets Austin crawl all over him...and I mean ALL OVER him! :) Of course, our son LOVES this and can't get enough of "playtime with Dad"

I love that he makes his family a priority. One of the things I have loved and continue to love best about Luke is how important family is. Not only does he make Austin and I top priority but he is also sensitive to the needs of his own family as well as his in-laws.

I could go on but I'll stop here since I'm a mom and my time is no longer limitless. I've posted a few of my favorite pictures of Luke and Austin. Of course, these are just a few but priceless nonetheless. I pray that all of you had a wonderful day celebrating the fathers in your lives and that you were blessed by your Heavenly Father as well!

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